We provide clients with a suite of standard intelligence and/or customised ROI reports, which clients can access in real time on their desktop.

The implementers of even the most carefully planned communication programs can find themselves in real danger of being swamped and paralysed by the mountain of data that their programs generate.


It is vital that the custodians of the supporting databases and business analytics platforms be able to proficiently compile and report on consumer activity.


Standard reports and dashboards are at your fingertips, available all day, every day by store, region, group and SKU/product type.


More complex analytics can be undertaken using the OLAP cube’s user-friendly web-interface. The use of a drag-and-drop facility means we can easily drill into data, filter on dimensions, pivot tables, and perform multi-dimensional cross comparisons in order to optimise product assortment. This provides keen insights that help develop campaigns that are more customer-responsive and boost profits.


Endless Rewards has a compendium of many standard reports. These include:


  • Lapsed customers
  • Customer segmentation
  • Recency, frequency, spend  
  • Changes in customer tiers over time
  • SKU and basket analysis
  • Customer profitability modelling
  • Trend analysis: average spend, frequency, number of stores visited, prize redemption

  • Voucher, campaign and communication performance analysis