Why Use

Endless Rewards?

Competition these days is so intense, brand equity is under threat. Owning the customer has become a must for all organisations.


That’s where Endless Rewards comes in. We specialise in supplying everything you need for a loyalty and CRM program that helps you engage and retain your customers.


Now more than ever before, it is becoming necessary to differentiate between your seagulls and your diamonds.


Seagulls are customers who fly in, cherry pick the specials, mess the floor, and leave.
Diamonds, on the other hand, spend longer in the aisles, shop more, buy higher margin merchandise, and then come back again for more, time and time again.


The Endless Rewards platform will provide you with the tools to convert your seagulls into diamonds.


A tiered platform to drive sales

Endless Rewards has pioneered a tiered loyalty program that makes people feel special, noticed and rewarded – and boosts sales more efficiently than non-tiered programs


Our results have shown that platinum upgrade members spend 83% more than non-members, 41% more than gold members, and 32% more than platinum members.


The Endless Rewards loyalty and CRM solution is flexible and cost-effective for companies that are looking to:


  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Acquire new targeted customers
  • Improve customer retention
  • Increase customer spend and frequency
  • Segment and move customers through tiers
  • Highlight non-valuable clients
  • Win back ‘lost’ customers
  • Increase customer lifetime value directly
  • Build a personal relationship with your customers
  • Create brand advocates with powerful word-of-mouth opportunities
  • Improve pricing strategies
  • Counter competitive activity in the market place
  • Improve your product mix, merchandising and distribution
  • Improve the allocation and use of marketing budgets
  • Turn insights into actions with measurable ROI
  • Improve site selection