Our Methodology

We follow a simple yet powerful

philosophy: audit and analysis

before design.

We believe in collaboration. Not only do we partner with you to supply the IT solution, but we see ourselves as an integral part of your marketing and CRM team. We assist you to manage the day-to-day operation of your rewards and CRM platform, including the earning and redemption of rewards.


Our clients benefit from the global experience, creative thinking and strategic vision of our professional team. We work alongside you to better understand, define and segment your customer database to profitably attract, engage and retain customers.


We help you turn knowledge into profit using simple yet effective methodologies. We analyse and understand historical data, then plan and assist our clients to implement campaigns with directly measurable results.


No matter how big or small your organisation is – whether you are a one-site store or have multiple sites - we have a solution for you.


Before a loyalty program is mapped out and implemented, Endless Rewards will spend time with your marketing and project team to understand your long-term marketing and business goals.


We carry out a thorough review and audit to:


  • Evaluate your existing marketing strategy
  • Identify the business, marketing and customer issues to be addressed
  • Establish clear program deliverables and KPIs to be measured
  • Evaluate group commitment to the program
  • Identify the optimum rewards structure to engage with the customer to achieve the ROI required


Using this information, we will work with you and any third party agencies you suggest to devise a comprehensive loyalty and CRM plan to address both your short- and long-term business goals and opportunities.