The Endless Rewards technology platform and suite of products enables you to deliver an exceptional loyalty and marketing program with measurable results. Our hosted solution is fully customisable, flexible and speedily implemented.


Our internet platform is secure, robust and is readily scalable.  It is multi-channel and can be accessed in-store, online, on mobile devices and through social media.


Lower acquisition costs achieved through augmented loyalty

Being able to further reward customers for their social interaction and brand advocacy increases customer engagement and word-of-mouth exposure, reducing your ongoing acquisition costs.


CashBack Rewards a compelling reason for customers to engage
The unique CashBack Rewards platform provides a compelling reason for customers to come back more often. There are no confusing beans, miles or points conversions that can be a barrier to customers. At the heart of our platform is the fact that your customer’s electronic purse is never empty. This stimulates repeat purchases.


Protects your margin
CashBack Rewards protects your margin and does not discount your brand in the eyes of the customer.


 Robust customer insights and measurable results
A powerful database warehouse and analytics engine that is central to Endless Rewards provides you with a holistic 360-degree profile of your customers and their engagement with your brand. These powerful insights allow you to enhance your marketing strategies and make intelligent business decisions to drive revenue growth.


Enhancing customer lifetime Value
Our augmented loyalty solution combines the best of traditional loyalty practices with social rewards. We assist you to increase the lifetime value of your customer – not just keep them for life.


Aggregated databases that lift and shift

Endless Rewards is a proven tool with which to secure an existing database, acquire new customers and make your database a meaningful working asset.


Our platform enables you to run your own-branded rewards program on a closed- loop or open-loop basis.


Rich, relevant data mining 24 hours a day
Endless Rewards provides you with a comprehensive data management solution that brings vital information to you quickly and easily – per customer, per store, per region and for the group.


Reporting and measuring
A suite of standard intelligence reports and dashboards are accessible in real time. ROI reporting structures for all communication campaigns are available to measure effectiveness and uptake.


Speed to market 
The Endless Rewards plug-in-and-play solution means you can swiftly implement your loyalty program. Inception to installation can be completed in three months. Our team of experts will work hand in hand with you throughout the process.


Cost-effective communication that drives impulse purchases