Our Clients

Endless Rewards has worked with many companies around the world, both large and small, to implement loyalty and CRM programs that deliver direct and measurable results.


These businesses include wholly owned companies, listed companies and franchise organisations operating in the retail, restaurant, entertainment, relationship marketing and charity foundation markets.




The Meat & Wine Co

Australia, Dubai, Israel, Beijing, Bahrain, UK & South Africa.


The Meat & Wine Co is an upmarket global steakhouse group with restaurants located at iconic sites in each city in which it operates. It wanted to recognise its VIP customers in a special way that reflected the group’s philosophy of “The Usual in an Unusual Way”, and build on its upmarket image. A 10% discount structure was being offered to selected regular customers, but was not considered a long-term solution. In addition, they were looking for global solution that crossed borders.


Endless Results implemented a branded, by-invitation-only, loyalty program recognising regular patrons. The branded VIP Platinum loyalty card we issued converted the discount to CashBack Rewards. This was packaged with a number of other consumer benefits.


Staff were able to readily recognise VIPs. Overall staff service levels improved and the turnover from VIP customers increased by over 400% per month. Access to accounts on-line enabled VIP customers and the group to monitor how much was was being spent and the levels of support 24 hours a day. The program was upgraded and expanded to include a new entry level to further grow the loyal support base and provide an incentive to spend more. A first-to-market currency converter was added so that international travelers could earn rewards in one country and use them in another – fulfilling the requirement of “the usual in an unusual way”.


“The initial request was to build up a database of customers with whom we could interact on a sustainable basis. This we do via telephone, via email or sms. The results we have achieved to date exceed expectations.”


” Brent Solomon – Head of Operations, FoodFund Australia

Ribs & Rumps

Australia, South Africa and Dubai


Ribs and Rumps is a chain of steakhouses. It wanted to develop a database to secure the loyalty of local customers and provide one-on-one communication opportunities. The group that owns the company has a strong community and charity focus and wanted to build on this core brand feature.


Endless Results issued a branded RandR Frequent Diners Card available on-line and in-store to all customers. Customers receive CashBack Rewards each time they present the card on payment of the bill, and Ribs and Rumps donated a percentage of all sales to charity.


Over 4000 customers actively signed up and using the card in the first year of use. Average frequency of visits improved month on month from 0.8 at launch to 1.6 after only 12 months and average spend per head is up. Cost effective and marketing opportunities in the form of e-newsletters, competitions and birthday vouchers  have been implemented delivering measurable results.


“The results we have achieved to date have exceeded our expectations, and together with the unique gift card program, we are able to continue building our database. We would have no hesitation in recommending Endless Rewards to provide a loyalty program, as their service is very professional.”


George Prodromou – GM, Ribs and Rumps

Rodney Clark



Rodney Clark is a retail group with over 30 women’s clothing stores. Their brief was to revitalise their rewards program to consolidate and grow their database into a tangible asset..


Endless Results introduced a two-tiered rewards program. The existing VIP members had been receiving a 10% discount. The revised program converted this discount to 10% CashBack Rewards. Existing members were mailed their new cards and new members could automatically sign up in-store once minimum spend levels were achieved.


There was a 95% uptake of the new cards by Platinum members (previous VIP discount receivers), which indicated minimal resistance to changing from the discount to CashBack Rewards. And the 30% uptake by Gold members was well above expected levels, given that the customers mailed on launch had had very little interaction with the stores. The database has been boosted by 75% since the launch, and the average spend per card is up 40%.


“The program is running, we believe, very successfully. The customer base accounts for more than 50% of our sales. The average transaction of our VIP base is significantly higher than the business average. A fabulous job was done in ensuring that the transition to this program was smooth and that all the terminals and technology worked without disrupting retail trade. Our staff was trained in a most effective manner; there were no issues on the day of launch. The training manual and the timelines for training could not have been more professional or handled in a better way. Endless Rewards took steps to ensure they understood our business, our staff, our customer, and our product. We are more than happy with our program and with the manner in which Endless Rewards supports us.“


Marina De Luca - GM, Rodney Clark

OshKosh B’Gosh



OshKosh B’Gosh is a premium children’s clothing brand operating in a highly competitive environment. Their requirement was for a loyalty and gift card program to grow their database effectively.


Endless Rewards introduced a seamless loyalty and gift card platform, available in-store and online, to secure the database and grow it organically.


Oshkosh has been inundated by customer applications for their loyalty program.


The program delivers a five per cent cash back reward redeemable at any time for future purchases in store or online. In addition, the gift card program has enjoyed a 32% conversion rate to the loyalty platform.


“We have had the loyalty card in place for over a year and it has become one of our key drivers for attracting and retaining loyal customers. We wanted something that would prompt customers to return to the store in person or online for repeat purchases and the card does just that. One of the other benefits of our card has been that we could do away with our normal gift card program by combining it with the loyalty card. Someone now receiving a $100 gift card will automatically receive $5 in cash on their purchase and can opt to join our loyalty program with that same card. Effectively our loyalty card is doubling as a gift card and vice versa. We were conscious that we didn’t want to add unnecessary overheads to the business by running a loyalty program. Endless Rewards has been able to fulfil this need by not only providing the card and its database reporting but also affiliated direct marketing creative and implementation.”


Des Zylstra - Manager for Oshkosh’s marketing and operations


South Africa


KFC Polokwane, a KFC franchisee in South Africa with six stores, was seeking a loyalty solution that would help them use their local store marketing (LSM) spend in a more measurable and targeted way. In addition, because of the high volume of customers that can be served at any one time, the brief was for a solution that would not impact service.


Endless Rewards introduced the MY KFC card loyalty and gift card platform in one seamless package integrated into their point of sale system.


The uptake of the MY KFC card program has exceeded all expectations. The Endless Rewards platform has been integrated into the Micros POS system with no impact on service levels to customers.


Within the first 12 weeks of the program, over 35,000 customers had signed up, with the frequency of visits increasing month on month. Mobile communication strategies have been implemented with response rates in excess of 20%.



“We are thrilled with the MY KFC card program. A second card run had to be ordered within only 6 weeks, the demand was so good. With our growing database of knowledge, only three months after the launch of the MY KFC card we have been able to communicate with our target market via SMS with directly measurable results. In addition, for the first time ever, we are able to segment and target our offers based on customer spend and product purchased. We are now in a position to reallocate our LSM spend and to measure our return on investment directly. “


Tim Bourdillon - Director, KFC Polokwane




Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken is a global quick-service restaurant franchise group serving grilled chicken prepared in the Portuguese style. Their requirement was for a global loyalty and gift card program that worked seamlessly to grow their database effectively and build the brand across continents.


A trial program was conducted in a closed-loop environment in Singapore, with a limited number of stores and the potential for scalability. As their POS system is PC-based, the program was launched using the Endless Rewards WebTerminal™ platform.


The average spend per transaction by registered customers has increased by 10% since the launch, and the frequency of visits is now over two a month and growing. Online and in-store sign ups continue to grow month on month.


“Notwithstanding the fact that the Barcelos trial program was launched with very little fanfair, customer traction and engagement has exceeded expectations, both online and in-store. We are delighted with the results that are being delivered by the Endless Rewards platform.”


Wayne Benson – CEO, Barcelos Singapore

New Clients



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International Success stories that our team members have been involved in:

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  • Priceline, Home – Australia