CRM & Loyalty Technology

The Endless Rewards loyalty and CRM platform is a powerful proprietary IT software program that is easy to use to capture and manage data.


It can stand alone, independent of any one type of POS, or it can link seamlessly into any third-party POS equipment. This flexibility means greatly reduced implementation costs, as existing POS equipment and systems do not need replacing. And because it is a plug-in-and-play solution, it can be out there in the market in no time.


Our state of the art technology provides direct access to live accurate data, delivering customer insights so merchants can identify trends and react swiftly to changing business conditions.


Our technology can be implemented in 3 flexible ways:


As a stand-alone plug-in-and-play solution 
This is an ideal solution for franchisees or organisations where the POS systems are not standardised.


Integrated into existing third party POS systems
Using APIs, the Endless Rewards platform can be successfully integrated into most POS systems with limited capital expenditure. To date we have successfully integrated into the international POS systems Micros, Seams and Raptor.


Readily integrated online.
The Endless Rewards platform can be easily integrated online into most e-commerce websites and into social media platforms such as Facebook.


Technical Support

Our platform is secure with robust redundancy capability. Program upgrades are carried out regularly at no additional cost to you. Our technician and support teams are standing by to assist you.


Social Integration 360-degree view

Endless Rewards can integrate seamlessly with Facebook, linking customer advocacy with transactional data both online and in-store. This lets you have a 360-degree view of customer activity across multiple channels and reward them for their advocacy and purchase behavior, whether in-store or online.



The Endless Rewards platform is fully web-enabled.


Customers have password-enabled access their own accounts at any time. They can view their balances and transactions and see what special promotions or campaigns are waiting for them.


Merchants have password access to their reports by store, region or group.