Card Solutions

Endless Rewards issues stored value cards for both open-loop and closed-loop programs.


Open-loop programs are becoming increasingly fashionable. They allow a group of non-competing retailers to share one card, either through a joint pool of rewards, or through our multiple purse system which keeps a separate tally of reward levels for each retailer.


Why have a Card?
Although Endless Rewards is able to offer a virtual rewards program (without cards), we believe that a card makes a difference and provides front-of-mind awareness and branding opportunities for retailers.


With the Endless Rewards platform, the card is swiped through the fully integrated POS or WebTerminal™ each time the cardholder buys at any store or location within a company’s network.


Clients using the Endless Rewards’ integrated platforms or WebTerminal™ solutions enjoy a number of distinct advantages over competitor offerings, including:


  • Promotions and loyalty rewards delivered at the point of transaction, providing instant gratification.
  • Multiple purses on a card, allowing for many awards within a single promotion.
  • On-the-fly recognition of a customer’s profile and status, making the intelligent matching of messaging, awards and rewards easy and improving the level of personalised customer service.
  • Recognitionof social network status at POS.
  • Targeted rewards and flexible promotion periods.
  • Highly targeted direct marketing communications (email, SMS, MMS, direct mail, phone).
  • Promotions customised for different stores, brands or multibrand companies.
  • Running costs cut as customer accounts are instantly updated and available at any time via the web.
  • Multiple programs or applications can be run concurrently, for example, loyalty cards, gift cards, employee incentive programs and ticketing.
  • Minimal technical infrastructure requirements.