Proximity Based Solution

Shuuga, our mobile proximity-marketing

product is an engaging online and mobile

media solution for retailers.

Shuuga Logo

Shuuga, our mobile proximity-marketing product, is the online and mobile media answer for retailers wanting to catch their customers on the run.


Shuuga drives repeat visits at a fraction of the cost of traditional media. It provides merchants with the ability to push location-based adverts and deals content to the one device that goes where all consumers go: the mobile phone.


It is a leading content management platform and mobile smartphone advertising application, which is currently available for iPhone and Android devices. Suited to both stores and online retailers, Shuuga is efficient, affordable and dynamic.


From within the Shuuga app, or simply by scanning a QR code presented in-store, mobile users are able to add favourite stores and retail categories to their Shuuga profile and set a geo-fence area to get instant notifications when new products, deals, freebies, coupons or other news is released.