Gift Cards

The Endless Rewards gift card platform is unique in that it can migrate to become a rewards or loyalty card for a closed-loop loyalty program.


This enables retailers to grow the database and reduces wastage costs as the lifetime of the plastic card is extended.


People spend on average 40% more than the face value of their gift cards, and up to 33% of gift cards are converted to rewards program membership.


Closed-loop gift cards are only accepted at group-enabled stores.


The benefits are that they can be:


  • Sold in-store or online
  • Branded
  • Customised for promotional purposes such as Mother’s Day and Christmas
  • Personalised and include a message from giver to receiver
  • Migrated to become a rewards card, growing your database asset and reducing costs


Distribution Methods:


  • Online via own website
  • In-store

  • Concierge kiosks in shopping centres
  • Bulk corporate sales such as staff Incentives