Loyalty & CRM

Our powerful plug-in-and-play customisable solutions include:


  • CRM applications and software licensing
  • CRM strategy and concept development
  • Card-based or virtual-membership-based platforms
  • System integration and implementation
  • Project management
  • Training, ongoing support and maintenance
  • Free access to CRM software upgrades
  • Call centre access


Our Exceptional Product Benefits


CashBack Rewards


The heart of the Endless Rewards program is our CashBack Rewards system that gives customers a compelling reason to come back and buy more – because there is always something in the CashBack Rewards kitty for them to spend.


We believe that CashBack Rewards are much more powerful than points – simple and easy to use with no confusing conversions. Allowing customers to instantly accrue value that can be used for future purchases, is a powerful tool to get them back into your businesses time and time again. Discounts or points provide no incentive for the customer to return to the outlet, and on top of that devalue your brand.



The Endless Rewards platform is independent of any one type of point of sale (POS) system, making it extremely flexible. It is therefore cost-effective, especially within the franchise environment where multiple POS systems are in use.



The Endless Rewards program can be implemented with full retailer branding – so customers will fully identify the cards with your brand.


Tailor-made loyalty solutions

The Endless Rewards platform will be shaped to fit your exact requirements.


Plug in and Play

No expensive programming is required – we can have you operating within a few hours, collecting valuable information about your customers. It’s as simple as turning on a light, No additional hardware is needed.


Real-time data via the Internet

The Endless Rewards Platform works off the Internet. It is fast and efficient providing accurate data realtime 24/.


Global Footprint
Our technology allows you to manage your program across a number of locations and across continents. It is a cost-effective global loyalty solution for international brands.


Multi-Currency - Global Brand Building

We can operate a single program across many currencies – your customer can earn dollars in Australia and redeem them for pounds in London!