CashBack Rewards

The USP of the Endless Rewards program is a CashBack Reward – giving customers a compelling reason to engage with your brand, to come back and buy more.


We believe thatCashBack rewards are much more powerful than points – simple and easy to use with no confusing conversions. We believe that allowing customers to instantly accrue value, which can be used for future purchases is a powerful tool to get them back into our clients businesses time and time again. We believe that discounts or points provide no incentive or reason for the customer to return to the outlet and devalue a brand.


CashBack Rewards speak to the heart of what today’s customer is looking for in return for their loyalty & patronage:


  • Real Value
  • Transparency
  • Convenience
  • Trust


This distinction sits at the heart of what makes Endless Rewards a unique program.


  We’re about increasing the lifetime value of your customer, not just keeping a customer for life.